Welcome To North West Free Repairs


2017 Winter and Spring Sessions:    1st & 2nd Tuesday of each month
Hours:   5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Location:   Bellingham Public Library – downtown branch
Address:   210 Central Avenue, Bellingham, WA

Note:    All street and metered parking around the Bellingham Public Library is free after 5:00 pm when our sessions begin.  During inclement weather first call the reference librarian to see if the library [ Phone (360) 778-7323 ]  is open before traveling to one of our sessions.

Upcoming 2017 Dates Winter and Spring Sessions

  • Tues, Jan 3                                       Tues, April 4
  • Tues, Jan 10                                     Tues, April 11
  • Tues, Feb 7                                      Tues, May 2
  • Tues, Feb 14                                    Tues May 9
  • Tues, Mar 7                                     Tues, June 6
  • Tues, Mar 14                                   Tues, June 13

Who we are

We are a group of volunteers who are dedicated to conserving the earth’s resources and decreasing the burden on our overtaxed landfill areas by repairing and rehabilitating broken household items that would otherwise be discarded.

What we do

For any broken or non-functioning item that you can comfortably carry in, we will evaluate it and determine if it can be repaired. Owners must be present and participate during the repair of their items.  We will teach you how !!  Minors must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

What does it cost

We do the evaluation and repair services for free. We supply some basic parts and materials, but if unique repair parts are required then you must purchase them – that is your only cost. You determine if that cost is reasonable before we begin the repair. Once the needed parts are obtained we will complete the repair process.

What we repair

We fix small appliances, kitchen items, tools, electrical items, kids’ toys, bicycles – basically anything you can bring to our sessions other than the restricted items below. While we can’t fix everything, we do have an excellent record of successful repairs.

What we don’t accept for repair

  • Anything containing gasoline or petroleum products
  • Items that are leaking fluids
  • Grimy, dirty, or hazardous items
  • Items having noxious or excessive odors
  • Anything that cannot be easily carried
  • Any items from a commercial business

Bring Your Family

While you are helping and learning to fix your broken items with our repair volunteers, your spouse or significant other can browse the Bellingham Library’s extensive book, periodical, music, “books-on-tape”, movie DVDs, and educational DVD sections.  Did you know that the reference librarians can obtain on loan for you almost any book that you could ever wish to read ??  The library has resources for genealogy research and volunteers to help you find your family’s roots or identify the more obscure branches of your family tree. The Bellingham Public Library features free Internet access for library patrons, and if you don’t have a portable device they have several dozen computers for you to use.  And, the downstairs children’s section is open for kids on Tuesday evenings.  A free library card could be one of the best gifts that you could ever give to your children. Acquiring early and avid reading skills is the most common and best predicting factor for their future success as adults.  Kids can also participate with repairs if accompanied by an adult. Learning to fix broken toys is a good way for kids to learn responsible behavior while enjoying their playthings. The whole family can profit from a very inexpensive and educational evening.

Are you good at fixing things ??   Volunteer with us !

We are always looking for volunteers who can contribute to our efforts to minimize the environmental effects of our “throwaway” society.  If you have special knowledge about electronics, computers, making repairs in general, or if you can assist with the general administration and maintenance of the repair sessions, and especially if you are good at teaching and explaining things to others, then you can contribute to our efforts. We also need volunteers who will help publicize our services to the general public.  In return for volunteering you will experience an immense sense of personal satisfaction by identifying, solving and correcting problems for grateful patrons.  You will make new friends and acquaintances as well as  learn new repair skills with the repair knowledge that is shared with the other volunteers.  Let us know about your volunteer interest and any special repair skills that you can share by filling out the form on our Contact page link at the top right hand corner of this page.

Have any other questions?

Be sure to click on the Blog link for the very latest information about the repair sessions.  If you have further questions fill out the form on our Contact page and we will get back to you.